Benedict Redgrove > film documentation

Benedict Redgrove was born near Reading in Berkshire, UK. 
He attended the Berkshire College of Art and Design and spent his early career at various design studios honing his creative talent in graphics and design until he discovered that photography was the ultimate media for him to showcase his vision. 
Benedict has a lifelong fascination with innovation and industry, and is a dedicated proponent of good design, modernism and utilitarianism. He has a love for extremes be that physical, environmental or technological. His love of sci-fi and space exploration has intuitively led him to capturing projects and objects at their most cutting edge. He has created an aesthetic of photography that is clean, pure and devoid of any miscellaneous information, winning him acclaim and numerous awards. 

Redgrove has amassed a following and client base from some of the most advanced companies in the world, granting him access to secret and often hidden divisions at organisations such as Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence, the Royal Air Force, European Space Agency, British Aerospace and NASA. Whether capturing the U-2 reconnaissance pilots and stealth planes, the Navy Bomb Disposal or spending time documenting the Royal Marines, Benedict strives to capture the scope and scale of advancements, invoking an emotional response to the objects and places and asking what they mean to us as human beings. 

A career spent recording the pioneering technology of human endeavours has produced a photographic art form that gives viewers a window into an often unseen world.