Marcus Meader > acustics

Marcus currently lives in Vienna, Austria. His workplace is between Munich and Vienna where he works as a mechanical engineer. He graduated from TU-Dresden in 2011 and worked until recently on his Ph.D. at the chair of vibroacoustics of vehicles and machines at TU-Munich. 
After finishing studies in Mechanical Engineering, Marcus approached the field of Acoustics where he conducted numerous experimental and numerical investigations on air conditioning systems in the automotive context, tools in civil engineering, household appliances, designing and operating test benches as well as investigations of room acoustics and speech intelligibility in opera houses and open-plan offices. His major work within his Ph.D. research dealt with the numerical investigation of aeroacoustics and rotor dynamics. 
His work is published in a number of international journals and was presented at numerous international conferences around the globe. During his time at TU-Munich, he was able to conduct long term research visits at UNSW, Sydney, Australia and IIT Delhi, Delhi, India. 
Major research topics are vibroacoustics and system dynamics, aeroacoustics and rotor dynamics, room acoustics, philosophy and ethics in acoustics. Among these topics, Marcus quite recently investigates the use of artificial intelligence in the context of acoustics and its application.