PARADISE RELOADED – Die Peinliche Befragung
Video installation and interviews

META Theater
Studio Theater in Moosach, Germany

Saturday 19 September 3pm - 8pm
Sunday 20 September 11am - 8pm

Paradise Reloaded – Die Peinliche Befragung 
Video installation and interviews. The audience is invited to make their own statements on paradise.
„Paradise“ is a long-term project. It lives by the abundance and diversity of the participating persons. When Karina Smigla-Bobinski is travelling, meets repeatedly people who would sit down in front of her camera and relate on paradise. So since 2006 „Paradise“ has grown over the years, to a small encyclopedia, cross-generational and cross-cultural. Smigla-Bobinski scrutinise in „Paradise“ wittingly about two different topics. The „knowledge“ of it, as an over-individual picture, fed from collective cultural values, confronts the private imagination. Here are the collective values turned into a personal form, and it gets often biographical. The sharing of the stories always brings one‘s own ideas and stereotypes in motion and opens the horizon not only for the metaphysical, but also into the social reflections. With this in mind, it is quite close to revise Jean-Paul Sartre: The Paradise is: the others. > more

Meta Theater

The Meta Theater was founded in 1980 by the architect and urban planner Axel Tangerding.  Axel Tangerding received significant impulses for the conception and aesthetic orientation during his years of active participation with the great theater avant-gardists Ellen Stewart and her La Mama Theater in New York and Jerzy Grotowski and his Teaterlaboratorium in Wroclaw, Poland. Another model was the Bauhaus with its specific form of fusion of architecture, craftsmanship and all artistic genres. The theater building created by Axel Tangerding also contains many references to Bauhaus architecture, both conceptually and aesthetically. Consequently, the Meta Theater sees itself as an experimental, cross-border theater laboratory for the exploration and expansion of new forms of contemporary theater practice in terms of methodology, dramaturgy and aesthetics. > more

Concert on Sun, Sept. 20 at 7 pm
"Songs about Heaven and Hell" concert based on compositions by Hildegard von Bingen (1089-1179) with Cornelia Melián (voice / bassrecorder /shrutibox) and Rolf Kirschbaum / Bremen (e-guitar / percussion / electronix)

META Theater
Osteranger 8
85665 Moosach

Interview with Axel Tendering (in German)

Paradise Reloaded is part of "Atelierdiagonale" with open studios with artists from Moosach - Herrmannsdorf - Pullenhofen: Andreas Mitterer, Maximilian Erbacher, Birgit Jung, Maja Ott, Peter Kees, Andreas H. Schroll, Johannes Gottwald, Stefan Heide, Gisela Heide

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