analog interactive installation / kinetic sculpture / post-digital drawing machine

Northeast Corner Bloomage LIVE
Wukesong, 69 Fuxing Rd, Haidian
Beijing, China

Date: 27 March 2021 - 14 June 2021
Opening Ceremony: 26 March 2021

exhibition will be held from March 27th to June 14th, 2021 at Beijing Times Art Museum. After three successful collaborations between WAVELENGTH and Beijing Times Art Museum, from 2017 to 2020, the two parties once again join hands to bring a novel feast of art for all art lovers in Beijing. The exhibition gathers the works of 18 well-known local and foreign contemporary artists with different cultural and artistic backgrounds, presenting the "new spacetime of contemporary art" to the audience, and creating an unprecedented exhibition experience.

The exhibition takes the “tenses” of art as the main theme, categorizing the artists’ works in the form of different “tenses” to create a “temporal” landscape of said distinctions. All installations are divided into 4 particular “tense” areas: “Past Future Tense”, “Present Continuous Tense”, “General Present Tense” and “Future Continuous Tense”. 18 contemporary artists from different cultural and academic backgrounds utilize their unique life and artistic practice experiences to elaborate each’s logical concepts and perceptions of “time” and “space” into multimedia pieces. In these installations, the audience is presented with a perspective of Space-time that breaks the norm through varied temporal divisions. At the moment of viewing, the audience can feel the concepts of time, space, and tenses preserved in the artworks colliding together, not only within their own minds, but also simultaneously floating around the entire exhibition space itself. Hereby, the pieces have become a special medium of feeling and exploring time and space. As a kind of "temporal" theater, the tenses of the artworks experimentally explore a new concept of social life, in the form of pieces themselves.

“WAVELENGTH: AT THE MOMENT” focuses on the time and space aspects hidden within contemporary art which are meant to evoke both the artistic perception and emotional connection of the audience. “Tense” is employed to describe the relationship between artistic works and viewers’ behavior and feelings, transforming the exhibition scene into a rendezvous between different times, space, and realities. From this perspective, art has become a Space-time intermediary that connects the past, the present, and the future, allowing the audience to become "Space-time Travelers” shuttling between different exhibition scenes.

Beijing Times Art Museum
is a public and non-profit art museum founded by the Bloomage International Investment Group Inc. The Museum emphasizes combination of art, fashion, design, technology, and focuses on the possibility of art. Involved in the artistic phenomenon as an observer and academic, the museum quests the contemporary creative inspiration and the  initiative artistic languages, to promote artistic reflection and exploration in multi-dimension. Meanwhile, the Museum innovatively breaks free from conventions with advantages of the Huaxi LIVE. Catering to the trend of avant-garde art, it positively pays attention to the development, and participates in the progress of contemporary art in China. > more

is a groundbreaking multi-disciplinary art platform, which is dedicated to facilitating multi-faceted cooperation in creative ideas and branding an international exhibition brand. Unique thoughts and art forms converge here, colliding, merging, and resonating with each other to break the boundaries of existing regulations and to present diversified cultural interaction activities. WAVELENGTH implies the resonance state of thinking and design language. The WAVELENGTH team will continue to provide a platform for outstanding creators and break the boundaries between different fields and cultural backgrounds through multi-discipline cooperation.

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