The Beauty Of Science

This interdisciplinary art-science project by Richard G. Mitchell and Karina Smigla-Bobinski is evolving, as a concept for an intermedia art performance in celebration of European Space Agency's EUCLID Space Mission. Launching in 2022, ESA is attempting to define the geometry of space, in a search for the mysterious 'dark matter and dark energy', estimated to constitute 95% of the universe.

Originally intended by Richard as a classical music performance piece for voices and strings, THE BEAUTY OF SCIENCE was composed using extracts of the original Latin text from Sir Isaac Newton's book of scientific law - 'Principia’ (Published by the Royal Society in 1687.). Newton's work marked the epoch of a ground breaking revolution in science.
THE BEAUTY OF SCIENCE was composed as a suite of music, arranged to be sung in Newton's original latin, exploring the ethereal beauty and exquisite workings of nature as observed e.g. by Newton, each piece based on one of his scientific principles. For example ‘Axiomata’ depicts the laws of motion, 'Regulæ Philosophandi', the rules of nature and 'Phænomenon', observations of terrestrial bodies.
With input from the Space Mission Project Manager Giuseppe Racca and Project Scientist René Laureijs, a seed was sewn for a collaboration with ESA. THE BEAUTY OF SCIENCE became an interdisciplinary project, that would also embrace the work of Euclid and the early mathematicians, as a connection between arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music. 

This development brought Karina on board. She comes to the project with a wide knowledge of artistic expression, and is developing a massive intermedia interactive installation involving elements of augmented reality. Her work embraces phenomenon such as Penzias & Wilson's White Noise, Pythagorean Harmony, in addition to Newton's theories. For further scientific background Karina invited Marcus Mäder from the Technical University of Munich to support her in the field of acoustics for the performance aspects of the installation.

The creatives began a conversation with ESA in 2019 when they were granted access to the Euclid project. Then in early 2020, work began with Benedict Redgrove who filmed the construction of the beautiful Korsch telescope at Airbus in Toulouse, before the optical mechanism was housed inside the space vehicle. 

THE BEAUTY OF SCIENCE now embraces a wider remit, exploring the ethereal beauty and exquisite workings of nature, each piece based on a variety of scientific principles from Euclid of Alexandria 300 BC to ESA’s Euclid space mission launching in 2020. The music will be performed live with massive intermedia interactive installation, involving augmented reality and a live dance performance. Stay tuned!